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Products and Services

Payroll Service:

We offer Web-based automated payroll processing services that have been especially designed to accommodate the needs of most employers. Salaried, hourly, and even subcontractors can be processed on our award winning software. We automatically process all Federal, State, and Local Tax filing and reporting including W-2s and 1099's. Direct Deposit and all payroll deductions are included at no additional cost.

Employee Benefits:

VIP Payroll has partnered with The Sims Financial Group to provide its clients with a diverse array of employee benefit choices. Benefit plans may be customized to accommodate the coals and budgets of most employers. Available benefits include the following:

Health and Life Insurance Dental
Cafeteria Plans Workers' Compensation
Disability Health Savings Account
Retirement Plans

Workers' Compensation:

VIP Payroll Service is an affiliated partner of The Hartford Insurance Company. For electing employers, each time a payroll is processed, the payroll data is electronically transmitted to the insurance company and the calculated premium may be deducted directly from their bank account by the insurance company. Non-electing employers may receive workers compensation audit reports for submission to the insurance company of their choice.

Human Resources:

VIP Payroll understands the many burdens of employee administration and the difficulties of monitoring compliance in a sea regulations and red tape. Our HR Tool Kit provides employers with resources to better manage their human capital. These resources include the following:

Employment Handbook Creation Wage and Salary Analysis
Pre-Employment Screening Online Time and Attendance
Vacation/sick Time Tracking Employee Self-Evaluation